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posted by [personal profile] vikyr at 10:03pm on 14/11/2011
I'm joining the band wagon!

Dear everyone involved with the Archive of Our Own,

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who's ever written a line of code, fixed a bug, wrangled a tag, answered a support ticket.

Thank you to the back-end coders and thank you to the front-end coders.

Thank you to everyone who's ever brainstormed about what the archive might do, and thank you to everyone who's poured their hearts, souls, and spare time into trying to make the archive do all of those things and more.

I use the AO3 every day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for building it for me and for everyone who uses it -- and for everyone who doesn't use it yet but might use it someday.

This archive isn't something to which fandom is entitled. It's a labor of love. You make the archive as your gift to fandom, and I appreciate that gift so, so much.

Even though it isn't finished yet. Even though it isn't perfect yet. It's still awesome, and your hard work is tremendous and admirable, and I just want to say thanks.

(Dear everyone else: if anything in this post resonates with you, feel free to signal-boost or repost.)

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Wow, has it been a busy Christmas holiday... Not only have I been working, but also studying, shopping for Christmas presents, going to Christmas parties, having lots of guests over... Surely Christmas is not supposed to be such hard work? Oh, who am I kidding! I know full well that Christmas is, and always has been, bloody hard work!

So I've recently discovered Glee -- the show doesn't actually start for about a week, but I've seen the adverts, so I've done my research, and [personal profile] jerakeen has recommended at least one Glee fic in the recent past, so I'm already stuck in with the fic, I just have to watch the show.

Also, right now I'm watching my new copy of Wall-E... god, I love this film!

And who else has seen Avatar? Who else absolutely loved it? I thought it was out of this world! I've already seen it twice and definitely plan to see it again!

God, I'm tired.....

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posted by [personal profile] vikyr at 06:50pm on 30/10/2009

List 10 TV shows you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.

1. Merlin

2. Dollhouse

3. Eureka

4. Criminal Minds

5. Supernatural

6. Battlestar Galactica

7. Stargate Atlantis

8. Doctor Who


10. American Idol


1) - Who's your favourite character in 1? (Merlin)

I’d have to say it’s a toss up between Merlin and Arthur – some episodes I like them both equally, then the next I prefer Merlin because Arthur’s being a particularly giant prat, then the next Arthur because Merlin’s being dense… and so on. You get the picture.

2) - What's your favourite ship in 2? (Dollhouse)

Huh, I don’t actually have a ship… no, wait, I kinda do. I think it has to be Topher/Echo. If you guys have ever seen Dollhouse you’ll understand why it’s so difficult to actually have a ship in this fandom, but I really like the way Topher starts to connect with Echo towards the end of the first season (please let there be more!).

3) - What ship can't you stand in 8? (Doctor Who)

Absolutely cannot stand Ten/Martha; it’s just far too fricking cliché.

4) - What first drew you into 6? (Battlestar Galactica)

Well, my brother and father watched it an awful lot, but it was always showing during autumn, which was when I started university, therefore I didn’t have Sky. But one day, whilst I was at home for Christmas, I just sat down with my brother and started watching it – it was 3x16, “Dirty Hands”, wherein there’s all sorts of interesting  political stuff going on. It made me realise that there was far more to the show than I had previously thought… thus, I went back and watched it all.

5) - Something that you loved about 3? (Eureka)
Oh God, everything! I love the quirkiness of the whole concept, and the ridiculous science, and the silly plots, and every single character. (Actually I hate one thing; they kill off one of my favourite characters in the third season…. Grrrr!)

6) - Something that you hated about 5? (Supernatural)

Hmmm, nothing really. I’d just like to see a tiny bit more emotional interaction between the brothers; which I know is never going to happen. Plus, if it actually did, I don’t think I’d enjoy it at all. The boys’ relationship works in the show as it is. (This is all on the basic of the first 2 ½ seasons, as I have yet to see the rest…)

7) - Favourite episode in 7? (Stargate Atlantis)

I have lots, but I’ll narrow it down to one: got to be 5x6 “The Shrine”, where Rodney is infected by that parasite that presents itself as a disease that the natives call Second Childhood. I love it right from the very beginning, with the team sitting on top of the stargate. I love the interaction, the pacing, I love Rodney’s sister and her take-charge attitude, I love the format of the whole thing. David Hewlett’s acting is superb, and I adore the whole Keller/Rodney interaction, even though I’m such a McShep person it’s untrue.

8) - Who's your favourite character in 9? (NCIS)

Has to be Tony; I absolutely adore him!

9) - What's your favourite ship in 10? (American Idol)

Without a doubt, Kradam, closely followed by Cookleta.

10) - What ship can't you stand in 4? (Criminal Minds)

Uh, nothing really; it’s such a small fandom, that there really isn’t that many that I hate.

11) - What first drew you into 10? (American Idol)

Well, the awesome singing, of course!

12) - Something that you loved about 9? (NCIS)

I love the dynamics of the team; the storylines are getting better and better, but what does it for me, is still the way everyone on the team interacts with each other.

13) - Something that you hated about 7? (Stargate Atlantis)

The fact that it ended!

14) - Favourite episode in 2? (Dollhouse)

Well, I’ve only seen season one, so, I can tell you it’s not 1x13, “Epitaph One”, which is probably most people’s favourite. I, in fact, prefer 1x7, “Echoes”, quite simply because it’s fricking hilarious!

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posted by [personal profile] vikyr at 09:01pm on 23/07/2009
Hi everybody out there!

So, I've just created this account (duh) courtesy of the wonderful [personal profile] latteaddict. On livejournal my username is 'skyelight2x1', and I will still actively be using both this and that account. The new username, 'vikyr' is actually very much related to the old: it is Czech for 'skylight'.

I look forward to getting to know you all!


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